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Mark Osborn is Vice President of Digital Strategy and Business Planning for Consumer Products at SAP. He focuses on strategy and thought leadership development, strategic growth initiatives, and operations and go-to-market planning. Prior to his current role, Mark was the global lead for the Consumer Products industry marketing for SAP. He holds a BA from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and an MBA from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management.

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Bringing The Four Degrees Of Digital Transformation To Life (Part 2)

13-Feb-2017 | Mark Osborn

In my first of two posts on this topic, I highlighted examples of how digital transformation can occur in simple and economical ways. Some consumer products (CP) companies are using minor investments

Bringing The Four Degrees Of Digital Transformation To Life

23-Jan-2017 | Mark Osborn

Can we demystify digital transformation? It’s a question worth pondering given that digital transformation is a high priority in the consumer products (CP) industry, and yet many still view it as

How Small And Midsize Businesses Can Bring In-The-Moment Experiences To Consumer Products

10-Jan-2017 | Mark Osborn

Part 7 of the “Digitally Transforming Industries” series Whenever people talk about shopping experiences that wowed them, there’s an element of surprise, joy, and delight woven throughout t

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Happiness And The Art Of Digital Transformation

9-Jan-2017 | Mark Osborn

Do you know what it takes to be happy? And is your definition of happiness the same as your friends’, neighbors’, or colleagues’ definitions? I recently read an article in which the author ci

How “Just For Me” Can Also Be “Just For You”

1-Dec-2016 | Mark Osborn

In my last post I discussed how personalization in consumer products can mean much more than customizing finished goods. And while product customization is a sure path to personalization, delivering a

Consumer Food Products Face A Sea Change

7-Nov-2016 | Mark Osborn

From 3D food printing to precision agriculture, the technologies affecting the food industry are moving faster than ever. Only two years ago, most of us thought drones were fodder for futuristic sci-

Is “Personalized” Always “Customized?”

1-Nov-2016 | Mark Osborn

At the recent Best Practices for Consumer Products conference in Chicago, I had the opportunity to see PepsiCo’s Deanna Jurgens speak on “Changing the Game with Connected Consumers.” She highli

From Disruption To Opportunity: Consumer Products In The New Digital Economy

22-Sep-2016 | Mark Osborn

Whether it’s a contentious worker strike, an unexpected regulatory change, or a severe weather event, consumer products (CP) companies can be dramatically impacted by any number of natural or man-m