Dr. Mark Darbyshire

Dr. Mark Darbyshire

About Dr. Mark Darbyshire

Dr. Mark Darbyshire works in SAP UK’s Database and Data Management team. Mark helps customers understand the benefits that SAP’s intelligent enterprise can bring to organizations as they undergo their digital transformations. Mark was previously SAP’s UKI Chief Technology Adviser, and has held CTO positions at TIBCO Software and Software AG. He has a Ph.D., M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Bristol.

The Intelligent Journey To Food Waste Reduction

18-Feb-2019 | Dr. Mark Darbyshire

Whether we’re emptying our fridges of wilted vegetables or stepping past a café’s overflowing bins, we all know food waste is a problem. But it’s when you consider that ‘one-third of the tot

Imagining A Smarter Future For London’s Travel Network

9-Jan-2019 | Dr. Mark Darbyshire

Creating the smart cities of the future is high on the agenda for national governments, local councils, and innovative tech companies alike. Take London as an example. In the summer of 2018, Mayor