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Mark Albrecht

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As vice president global head of Innovation at itelligence AG, Mark Albrecht is responsible for SAP innovations and adaption of the latest technologies. Here, the focus is on key technologies in the field of SAP Leonardo as well as the comprehensive coordination and alignment of the national companies, NTT Data, and SAP. In addition, he takes care of research projects within the company, including the selection of itelligence’s long-term product and solution portfolio. Before that, Mark worked in the international SAP consultancy for many years, responsible for the project management and the management of international SAP projects.

Trends Based On The Digitalization Of Society

17-Sep-2019 | Mark Albrecht

The rapid rise of digitalization has placed technology at the heart of how our society is run, from working to banking and even healthcare. The digital age isn’t just creating new trends in technolo