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Marita Mitschein

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In support of SAP’s commitment to close the digital skills gap, Marita Mitschein is leading the SAP Training & Development Institute and overseeing all capacity build initiatives across EMEA South. Marita is Senior Vice President Digital Skills EMEA South, Managing Director SAP Training & Development Institute and Member of SAP’s Global Executive Leadership Team.

Innovation: It’s More Than Just A Nice-To-Have

27-May-2020 | Marita Mitschein

Our day-to-day lifestyle has significantly changed in this new reality created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of how tech-savvy you were before, you – like everyone else – now depend on digi

Developing The Right Skills: A Hidden Game-Changer To Tackle Today’s Challenges And Build A Bright Future

5-Aug-2019 | Marita Mitschein

A flood of reports, papers, and conferences have underscored the importance of developing the right skills for the ever-changing digital era. Our lines of business, industries, roles, and interests no

Digitalization Skills As A Key Differentiator

19-Dec-2018 | Marita Mitschein

You've probably noticed that digitalization is a leading theme these days. But what is digitalization? Gartner defines it as “the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provid

Why Diversity And Inclusion Matters – From An Innovation Perspective

22-Aug-2018 | Marita Mitschein

Diversity and inclusion has become a trending topic for companies of all sizes and industries, but the focus is still on diversity related to gender or ethnicity. At the same time, the buzzword "innov