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Maria Morais

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Maria Morais is Global Industry Principal, Consumer Industries for SAP Customer Experience. With over 10 years of experience as trusted advisor for retailers, consumer goods and wholesalers in business and digital transformation topics, Maria delivers business cases and customer experience adoption roadmaps underpinned by commercial growth and market expansion. Over the course of her career Maria has developed a passion for innovation and agile groups to champion change in organizations. Her international background and interest in purpose driven businesses continues to inspire her to achieve more, better and faster for all the clients and partners in the global SAP ecosystem. You can follow Maria Morais on Twitter @ceumorais.

What Midsize Companies Should Know About The Customer Experience In Times Of Intense Change

28-Apr-2020 | Maria Morais

Part of the “Navigating Disruption Today, Planning for Tomorrow” series Midsize businesses are known for understanding what customers want and meeting them where they are – in good and bad ti

Retail Experiences: Five Strategies For Serving The Multidimensional Consumer In Omnichannel Retail

10-Jan-2019 | Maria Morais

We are all consumers, and we all like to be seen as people with wishes, hopes, and dreams. The other side of the coin is that we all dislike being controlled or manipulated. However, many times we al

Retail Experiences: How Retailers Drive Growth With In-Store Innovation

9-Jan-2019 | Maria Morais

In Europe and the US, there have been a significant number of store closures in recent years. However, there is a recognition that if done right, the brick and mortar store still has a significant rol