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Marc Havercroft

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Marc Havercroft, COO & Vice President Strategy, brings more than 20 years of experience within the future workforce strategy and transformation, helping clients adapt their HR strategy to meet the opportunity of the new digital world and the future workforce needed. His expertise includes advisory & strategy and workforce design for organizations going through major change as well as new entrants into EMEA, North America, and APJ & Greater China regions from both green field to M&A structures. Marc has worked across industries from financial services, Telco, energy, media, digital social, and public sector, turning current and global trends into meaningful workforce strategies that deliver.

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The Future Of Work … Now

2-Apr-2019 | Marc Havercroft

The "future of work” is one of those buzz-phrases that’s been around for a good half-decade now. Often it’s used in tandem with digital transformation, or DX, to describe how we’ll be working

Why It’s Time To Face The Truth About The Gig Economy

19-Nov-2018 | Marc Havercroft

Depending on who you listen to, there are two versions of the story: An explosion of freelance work is turning Australia into a nation of entrepreneurs, or it will create more losers than winners.

Flex For Success: The End Of 9 To 5?

23-Aug-2018 | Marc Havercroft

For many of us, working 9 to 5 is the bane of our existence. Could it soon be a thing of the past? This was the focus of a roundtable that I recently attended with The Australian Financial Review

Innovative Companies Think Differently About People

8-Jun-2018 | Marc Havercroft

Diversity has come into sharp focus during the past year, but conversations are focused largely on gender, age, or ethnicity. Diversity of thought receives less attention. That’s a missed opportunit

Rage Against The Machine? Don’t Waste Your Energy

28-Mar-2018 | Marc Havercroft

Open a book, read a magazine, or watch a film and there’s every chance you’ll see another horror scenario of robots taking over our lives. It makes for great storytelling, but won’t help you nav

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Why (And How) Technology Is Bringing HR And The CFO Together

18-Dec-2017 | Marc Havercroft

There is an often-told joke where a CFO of a company asks the CEO, “What if we invest in our people and they leave?” – to which the CEO responds, “What if we don’t and they stay?” This ill

The Millennial Conundrum: Why We’re Failing Our Employees

30-Oct-2017 | Marc Havercroft

I don’t care what millennials need in the workplace—and you shouldn’t either. It seems controversial because discussing and responding to the needs of this generation is very much in vogue ri

What Your Employee Engagement Score Says About You

31-Aug-2017 | Marc Havercroft

Sure, the annual employment engagement survey gives a snapshot into employee morale and satisfaction at one particular moment in time. But does it really define what your business needs over the cours

Recruiting In The Digital Age: What’s It All About?

20-Jul-2017 | Marc Havercroft

Ask any business about its top challenges for 2017, and odds are, recruiting and retaining talent are somewhere on that list. Organisations are realizing more and more that their workforce is in fact

Building The Bridge Between HR And Finance To Strengthen Long-Term Strategic Success

12-Jun-2017 | Marc Havercroft

Far too often we see organizations challenged to build a strong case for change when it comes to digital transformation. What is becoming more and more apparent is that there are two key players who