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Marcell Vollmer

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Marcell Vollmer is the Chief Digital Officer for SAP Ariba (SAP). He is responsible for helping customers digitalize their supply chain. Prior to this role, Marcell was the Chief Operating Officer for SAP Ariba, enabling the company to setup a startup within the larger SAP business. He was also the Chief Procurement Officer at SAP SE, where he transformed the global procurement organization towards a strategic, end-to-end driven organization, which runs SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass solutions, as well as Concur technologies in the cloud. Marcell has more than 20 years of experience in working in international companies, starting with DHL where he delivered multiple supply chain optimization projects.

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Industry 5.0: The Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence

25-Mar-2019 | Marcell Vollmer

While there are real-world artificial intelligence (AI) applications for enterprises today, there is still much more potential and development for AI, which holds promising benefits for companies in e

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Global Supply Chains: A Collective Force Against Human Trafficking

3-Apr-2018 | Marcell Vollmer

What’s the difference between a wildly successful business that builds momentum and grows year over year or one that fizzles out within a year or two? If you say lack of profits or financial funding

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Artificial Intelligence: What’s Now And Next In IoT-Driven Supply Chain Innovation

19-Mar-2018 | Marcell Vollmer

As with most people, coffee is one of the most important rituals in my morning routine. There’s something about the aroma and taste that kick-starts my ability to have a great day. So imagine my sur

The Future Of Procurement In A Word: Intelligent

27-Jul-2017 | Marcell Vollmer

The world has gone digital. People are more connected, efficient, and productive and are living life faster than ever. But today’s fast-paced world impacts more than just our personal lives. Digitiz

Robotic Process Automation: Procurement’s Next Big Thing Or Next Big Hype?

31-May-2017 | Marcell Vollmer

There are two schools of thought when it comes to robots and automation in the workplace: Some people warn of soaring unemployment rates, and others foresee a future workforce of more productive, enga

Predictive Procurement Gets Real

20-Mar-2017 | Marcell Vollmer

The physical and digital worlds have officially collided. In the old days, we’d have the morning paper delivered to our doorsteps and read it on the way to work while sipping coffee we made at home

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Procurement And Gender Diversity: Building Leadership That Matters

28-Feb-2017 | Marcell Vollmer

Procurement is often viewed as a numbers game. A delicate mix of costs, vendor performance ratings, and operational efficiencies is calculated and used to meet the precise needs of the corporate strat

Millennials In Tech: Are They Woefully Misunderstood?

8-Feb-2017 | Marcell Vollmer

“I’m just a soul whose intentions are good/Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.” –Eric Burdon and The Animals It was the soundtrack for a generation. And for today’s millennials

How Prepared Is Your Organization For Supply Chain Disruption?

6-Feb-2017 | Marcell Vollmer

Driven by demand for lower manufacturing costs and access to specialist capabilities and technologies, most supply-chain operations rely on a complex mix of large and small businesses. Every single on

The Future Of Procurement: One Perspective

23-Jan-2017 | Marcell Vollmer

Disruptive trends in technology are changing the function as we know it today. Procurement is fast evolving into a more strategic and value-generating function. This blog is designed to spark a lively