Marc Bruurmijn

Marc Bruurmijn

About Marc Bruurmijn

Marc Bruurmijn is Senior Solution Sales Manager at SAP. The manufacturing industry is his area of expertise. He combines his extensive experience in the world of SAP with his knowledge of manufacturing to help businesses think about, and deal with, the changes in the industry. Marc is passionate about his job and follows all industrial developments closely. In his blogs, he shares his views on how smart industry – enabled by Internet of Things, Big Data, and artificial intelligence – is disrupting the manufacturing industry and how manufacturers can benefit from it. 

Shopping Cart To Shop Floor: Revolution In The Manufacturing Industry

27-Oct-2016 | Marc Bruurmijn

Personalized products, delivered lighting fast. Who wouldn’t want to fulfill this ultimate customer fantasy? For a growing group of manufacturers, this is a dream no more; it’s reality. By offerin

Industry 4.0 Transforms Business Models

25-Oct-2016 | Marc Bruurmijn

The fourth industrial revolution brings with it a wealth of possibilities – things can be done now that were never before possible. This gives organizations in the manufacturing industry the freedo