Manju Bansal

Manju Bansal

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Manju Bansal is vice president of SAP PartnerEdge and leads the evangelization efforts for our ISV innovation partners. He has been at SAP since 2007 and most recently was the global head for the SAP Startup Focus program. An active outdoorsman, Manju has climbed several peaks in the Himalayas and bicycled thousands of miles in countries round the globe. He holds an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA.

Why Platforms Are Critical When Building For The Intelligent Enterprise

25-Feb-2019 | Manju Bansal

Part of the "IDC Future of ISVs" series The cloud is now mainstream. In combination with mobile technology, social media, and Big Data, it’s been the driving force behind the digital transformati

Every Business Is Becoming A Technology Business

10-Dec-2018 | Manju Bansal

The pace of business change is getting faster. Of all the firms that started on the Fortune 500 list in 1955, almost 90% were no longer on it by 2017. And since 2000, 52% of the list is gone. Whateve