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Malcolm Woodfield

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Malcolm Woodfield is the Global Vice President, Head of Industry Business Unit Education & Research, at SAP. He manages a global team accountable for the overall business, market, customer, and revenue success of the Higher Education / Public Services portfolio (including all Applications, Analytics, Mobile, HANA, and Cloud) globally.

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New Workforce Models Threaten Tenure On Campus

9-Mar-2018 | Malcolm Woodfield

What does the campus of the future look like? In many ways, it will be reminiscent of the campus of the last millennium. Education is more than instruction. Leafy green spaces, the hothouse intell

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Higher Education, Leonardo

Students As Customers And The Focus on Outcomes

8-Mar-2018 | Malcolm Woodfield

The student environment is changing across the board to include more technology. Just a decade ago, the use of tablet computers, smartboards, and, in many places, personal computers seemed cutting edg

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Higher Education, Leonardo

The Connected Internet Campus Evolves On The Leading Edge

7-Mar-2018 | Malcolm Woodfield

Today’s higher-learning institutions may need to come to grips with the fear and wonder of digitization and understand that it brings everyday people closer together. It makes perfect sense for

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Higher Education, Leonardo

Transforming The Modern Campus With Intelligent Number Crunching

2-Mar-2018 | Malcolm Woodfield

In human affairs, change is one of the few constants. Yet for centuries, the standard educational model changed slightly, if at all. A person from the 16th century traveling to the 20th century would

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Higher Education, Leonardo

Marketing Is Now A Major Focus Of University Plans

22-Feb-2018 | Malcolm Woodfield

It's been said that "every company is now a tech company." The underlying truth in that statement nods to the necessity of staying competitive in a landscape of whirlwind change. The advent of cloud c

Higher Education And Research Set To Gain From Digital Transformation

6-Feb-2018 | Malcolm Woodfield

As we move further into the 21st century, higher education is in constant flux. The education industry as a whole faces several key challenges. For starters, as the competitive landscape for higher ed

Ignoring Changing Economics In Higher Education Can Be Fatal

22-Jan-2018 | Malcolm Woodfield

As the world goes digital, higher education needs to follow along. As I wrote in the recent white paper Digital Education: Leading and Shaping, "digitization will affect every activity, interaction, t

Higher Ed Offers New Opportunities For Digital Learners

26-May-2016 | Malcolm Woodfield

Higher education today faces considerable pressures. The cost of attending college is increasing at a rate that outpaces inflation, and many students are saddled with burdensome student loans. All

New Tech Empowers Millennials To Ignite Modern Workforce

24-May-2016 | Malcolm Woodfield

It’s no secret – digital business is changing the world. One of the biggest advances in recent technology is the move into the digital world. New technology holds great opportunity in the field o

Does Engaging Technology Unlock Lessons Students Love?

12-May-2016 | Malcolm Woodfield

This year, parents will drop their kids off at schools that teach traditional topics. They won’t be teaching them in ways Mom or Dad ever experienced, though. Teachers will bring these students into