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Malaya Toll

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Malaya Toll is ANZ Director of Utilities for SAP, the world’s leading provider of business software solutions. Malaya has 18 years’ tenure in the Utility industry sector and is responsible for driving the success of SAP’s industry solutions for Utilities in Australia and New Zealand. Her extensive experience in SAP Utilities includes implementations in ANZ, Asia Pacific & Japan, Europe, and Scandinavian markets. Her areas of specialty include Customer Systems and Retail Transformation, Full Retail Contestability/Marketing Opening, Smart Metering (AMI), Demand Side Management, eMobility (electric vehicles), and Digital Transformation. Malaya brings global perspective, industry expertise, and SAP product knowledge into highly successful business relationships with Utilities in Australia and New Zealand where she is widely regarded as trusted advisor.

Digital Economy, Industries, Blockchain, Media, SAP Leonardo, digital transformation, ENR, energy, natural resources

Digital Alchemy In Industries

20-Dec-2017 | Malaya Toll

You're probably familiar with alchemy, a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. It's the process of taking something and turning it into something extraordinary. You

How Power Of Choice Enables Digital Transformation

26-Sep-2016 | Malaya Toll

If you canvassed the hive of activity among Australian utilities impacted by upcoming Power of Choice reforms, you wouldn’t be wrong in drawing parallels to Full Retail Contestability 15 years ago: