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Mala Anand

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Mala Anand is President of SAP Leonardo & Analytics at SAP, leading the end-to-end business including go-to-market, product development and strategy. With her primary focus on product development, market acceleration and adoption in one of SAP’s core innovation areas, Mala develops and executes strategy across all markets and ensures operational excellence within the global GTM and product development teams. The core focus of the SAP Analytics business encompasses business intelligence with embedded predictive and machine learning innovations across large data sets. Formerly, Mala led the Data & Analytics | Automation Software Platforms business at Cisco Systems with a focus on innovative solutions to aggregate and analyze today’s hyper-distributed and real-time streaming data. With over 20 years of experience as a senior software executive, Mala places a deep focus on delivering innovative solutions to the market that help customers develop informed, timely insights to establish new modes of engaging their workforce and customers.

IT team sitting in boardroom and discussing expected outcomes of artificial intelligence

Want Responsible AI? Think Business Outcomes

7-Aug-2019 | Mala Anand

The rising concern about how AI systems can embody ethical judgments and moral values are prompting the right questions. Too often, however, the answer seems to be to blame the technology or the techn

healthcare, digital transformation, patient-centered medicine, data, personalized medicine

Unleashing The Power Of Digital: A Technologist’s View Of Data-Driven Innovation In Healthcare

24-May-2018 | Mala Anand

We see a paradigm shift happening with a new notion of a connected enterprise. A mass transformation is happening in the market with billions of increasingly connected information-gathering devices an

adaptive enterprise, data, analytics

How A Data-Driven Culture Enables Innovation And Empowerment In An Adaptive Enterprise

3-Apr-2017 | Mala Anand

Data is the fuel for the digital economy and is at the core of driving insight-driven business transactions – from decision-making to cross-departmental collaboration. Organizations deal with an abu

Analytics: Fueling The Digital Economy

6-Feb-2017 | Mala Anand

The digital economy is significantly redefining how companies manage their business. Challenged to stay ahead of the massive changes that are disrupting the marketplace, organizations are turning the