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Magnus Meier

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Magnus Meier is the Global Head of the Wholesale Distribution Industry Business Unit. Representing the industry inside and outside of SAP, he works to provide industry thought leadership, portfolio direction and the global go to market strategy. During his career, he acquired many years of extensive industry, solutions, services and support knowledge. In his last role as Customer Engagement Advisor, Magnus worked with Market Units in North America to develop customer specific programs that would allow them to accelerate the adoption of S/4HANA based on demonstrable proof points.

Opportunities In The Circular Economy For Wholesale Distributors

27-Jan-2020 | Magnus Meier

Global business and political leaders are coming together again in Davos at the World Economic Forum to discuss how we can work toward a better world. As in prior years, they will define a variety of

Why Midsize Distributors Are Due For A Great Comeback

5-Sep-2019 | Magnus Meier

As the old saying goes, everyone loves a great comeback story. From our favorite sports teams and movie characters to news about everyday people, we enjoy celebrating moments of overcoming adversity,

Why Midsize Wholesale Distributors Are Rethinking The Employee Experience

29-Aug-2019 | Magnus Meier

Wholesale distribution always seemed insulated from the rapid, unpredictable changes introduced by digitalization. However, this technological immunity is quickly turning into an inflection point that

Innovating Like Evel Knievel In Wholesale Distribution

14-Sep-2018 | Magnus Meier

Evel Knievel was an international legend, and his daredevil stunts fascinated several generations of fans. He was continuously driven by the desire to keep his audience awestruck, devising bigger an