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Lynn Lupo

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Lynn Lupo is a solution manager for the SAP Global Wholesale Distribution Industry Business Unit at SAP. She focuses on marketing and enablement and supports the ASUG Special Interest Group for Wholesale Distribution.

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Leading Teams With Focus And Intent

13-Jun-2019 | Lynn Lupo

I’m an introvert. I’m also a part-time singer. People have said to me that the stage is an unlikely place for an introvert to be comfortable. But there, I feel in control. If I’m doing my jo

Taking Stock And Setting Goals

2-Jan-2019 | Lynn Lupo

As we get closer to the end of the year, things can get a little busy (okay, maybe very busy). I find myself racing to bring projects to the finish line and adding to my to-do list faster than I can c

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Guiding Employees From Same-Old Same-Old To Digitally Transformed

12-Sep-2018 | Lynn Lupo

Some say people are creatures of habit. We drive to work the same way every day. We order the same dish at our favorite restaurant. We read the sports section first. There is comfort in the familiar,

Distributors Can Learn From Millennial Employers Of Choice

15-Aug-2017 | Lynn Lupo

In recent years, my discussions with wholesale distributors have increasingly turned to the workforce. Traditionally, distributors have been blessed with long-term employees, some boasting 40 years or

Analyzing The Workforce – One Step At A Time

23-Feb-2017 | Lynn Lupo

I can’t escape my new Fitbit. It keeps nagging me until I reach my daily goals. My old Fitbit was very polite. It had five little lights, each indicating 20% completion of my daily steps. It was a g

Confessions Of A Social Collaboration Convert

2-Jan-2017 | Lynn Lupo

Right up front, I’m going to make a confession: I didn’t start out as a fan of social collaboration sites. I used to think these sites were just a collection of random thoughts and documents. Sure

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Harvesting Knowledge From The Seasoned Workforce

14-Sep-2016 | Lynn Lupo

Recently, a colleague asked if I have everything I need to move to the next phase of my career. As a reluctant member of the aging workforce, I struggle with that question. While younger workers look