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Lucy Thorpe

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Lucy Thorpe is a digital marketer and writer with SAP platinum partner In Cloud Solutions. Based in the UK, she is a former BBC journalist and presenter. Much of her work is now focused on explaining the benefits of digital enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems - notably SAP Business ByDesignfor small and midsize businesses.

Five Astonishing Advantages Of Running A Two-Tier ERP System

8-May-2019 | Lucy Thorpe

What happens to a company’s business technology when it starts to acquire new businesses and expand? Typically, growing companies try to integrate all of their new subsidiaries, business areas, and

Seven Ways Cloud ERP Delivers Results

18-Feb-2019 | Lucy Thorpe

Cloud ERP is now a popular choice for companies looking to streamline business processes. It delivers results and beats legacy rivals for flexibility and speed. Organizations find they can pivot q

Can Fintech Startups Continue To Shake Things Up?

20-Oct-2017 | Lucy Thorpe

The financial technology revolution is taking the world by storm – nowhere more so than in the UK, where this red-hot sector directly employs 135,000 people. Britain’s fintech sector generates bi

Savour The Flavour

18-Sep-2017 | Lucy Thorpe

Next time you pop a stick of strawberry gum, it might be worth remembering that there are dozens of different varieties of strawberry flavour, each one tailored to suit the market preferences of peopl