Luciana Uhlemann

Luciana Uhlemann

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Luciana has over 15 years’ experience in the software industry, having dedicated more than 2/3 of this time to SAP both in Germany and in Australia. Acting as a Solutions Engineer for the Intelligent Enterprise, she is part of the Digital Transformation Office in Australia and New Zealand. With a strong focus on her customers she value understanding their needs and serve as a trusted advisor helping find the most suitable solutions to make their business run better, simpler and faster. Based in Sydney she is a woman who embraces diversity, a professional thirsty for knowledge.

advanced analytics, machine learning, healthcare, public health, vaccines

Battling Infectious Diseases With Emerging Technologies

6-Mar-2019 | Luciana Uhlemann

There is no more challenging, loving, and rewarding job than being a parent. The moment light hits your newborn’s skin, you are hit by a wave of new responsibilities. The hospital staff congratulate