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Lindsey Nelson currently supports Content and Enablement at SAP. Prior to her current role, she was responsible for Thought Leadership Content Strategy and Pull Marketing Strategy at SAP.

Christmas Lights, Big Data, And The Utilities Industry

18-Dec-2012 | Lindsey Nelson

There’s this house about 15 minutes away from me and for the past six years these people cover their home in Christmas lights. Now I know what you’re thinking, Chevy Chase in flannel with a stapl


5 Reasons You Should Use Web Analytics

15-Nov-2012 | Lindsey Nelson

According to a recent survey of 300 small to mid-size businesses conducted by BIA/Kelsey, 40% of SMBs are planning on increasing their digital spending budgets within the year. They're doing so bec

“Stay Hungry, Stay Humble” Words of Wisdom from SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott

2-Nov-2012 | Lindsey Nelson

[caption id="attachment_21629" align="alignleft" width="300"] Drexel President John Fry giving SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott a personalized Drexel Dragons basketball jersey[/caption] I am very lucky to

The Business Revolution

24-Aug-2012 | Lindsey Nelson

The great constant in this world is change. Change leads you down a different path and it can be a catalyst to brighter opportunities. Social, mobility, and cloud are the building blocks of the big ch

Don’t Fight It, Big Data Is Here to Stay

26-Jul-2012 | Lindsey Nelson

Did you know that, according to a Forbes 500 study nearly two thirds of major changes in organizations fail because of resistance? Did you also know that 90% of the world’s data was created in the