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Larry is a freelance marketing & technology consultant with a background in IT. Follow him on Twitter @LarryAlton3.

Why Responsible Tech Use Is Crucial To Your Business’s Survival

27-Mar-2019 | Larry Alton

Most business leaders know that technology is the key to being successful and beating the competition in the modern era. With the right technology, you can improve productivity, invent new products, a

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Tired Of Worthless Business Reports? Empower Your Employees For Success

14-Mar-2019 | Larry Alton

For business leaders and executives, employees are the troops on the battlefield. To know what’s happening at the ground level, you need your employees to provide regular business reports and progre

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Three Future Predictions For Freelancing As A Business

6-Mar-2019 | Larry Alton

Remote work is becoming a major part of the everyday business landscape. Those in the freelance industry have opportunities to grow and thrive unlike ever before. The future of work will continue to e

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The Future of Work: Employers Who Genuinely Care

17-Jan-2019 | Larry Alton

It’s easy to assume your employees are exclusively looking to cash a paycheck; that their loyalty to your firm runs only as deep as the salary you give them. But a hard look at the data and a chat w

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Which Business Structure Is Right For You? Five Key Areas To Consider

31-Dec-2018 | Larry Alton

Before you can start building momentum in your business, you’ll need to finalize your business structure, which is a major decision that afflicts many business owners with analysis paralysis. In the

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Data Security Mistakes Most Businesses Don’t Realize They’re Making

12-Nov-2018 | Larry Alton

When it comes to data security, most businesses are doing all right. Unfortunately, all right isn’t good enough. It leaves the door open for costly attacks that put your business at risk of being pe

Is Instant Communication Making Us More Or Less Productive?

11-Oct-2018 | Larry Alton

If you had asked an executive 30 years ago if they thought instant communication would improve or decrease productivity, the answer probably would have been a resounding “improve.” On the surface,

How To Foster Customer Trust In An Age Of Data Collection

14-Sep-2018 | Larry Alton

Businesses know that they need customer data to be successful in today’s landscape. Customers know that businesses collect their personal information, but many have some hesitancy about the motivati

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What CMOs Often Miss About SEO

27-Jul-2018 | Larry Alton

The CMO must play a high-level role in an organization. They need to focus on the broad impact of the department’s strategic initiatives, setting the tone and course of development, rather than focu

Health Vs. Hackers: Cloud-Connected Cardiac Care

13-Jul-2018 | Larry Alton

If you’ve ever checked your Fitbit to monitor how you slept or consulted your phone to see how many steps you've taken, then you understand the role technology can play in your physical health. To