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Larry is a freelance marketing & technology consultant with a background in IT. Follow him on Twitter @LarryAlton3.

Man relies of on his laptop to find secure information

Why Even The Most Secure Platform Can’t Keep All Your Data Safe

10-Oct-2019 | Larry Alton

In your business, in your personal life, or both, you rely on online platforms to send messages, store data, and share important files and information. Accordingly, opportunistic hackers and cybercrim

Athlete wears prosthetic leg

When Will Robotic Prosthetics Become Commonplace?

18-Sep-2019 | Larry Alton

Today’s prosthetics are more advanced than ever, serving a wider range of functions and needs while simultaneously costing less to develop. Accident victims and amputees can reliably work with medic

Customer reads a newspaper in front of his laptop at a coffee shop

Three Critical Mistakes Struggling Brands Are Making

11-Sep-2019 | Larry Alton

It’s a good time to be a small business owner in the United States. The economy is clicking on all cylinders, tax laws are friendly, and discretionary spending is up. Thanks to growth in cloud te

Finance leaders audit financial report

Accounting For U.S. Government Contracts And Grants: What You Need To Know

28-Aug-2019 | Larry Alton

Receiving a contract or grant through a U.S. Small Business Administration program is a milestone, but you can’t just take the money and do whatever you want. If you don’t meet your contractual ob

Tech Companies Placing Increased Emphasis On Hiring Employees With Autism

15-Aug-2019 | Larry Alton

If you look around the tech industry and study some of the hiring trends in leading organizations, you’ll find that many are turning to candidates with autism spectrum disorders. And thanks to new t

Doctor with digital tablet in clinic office

Why Digital Security In Healthcare Needs Intensive Care

11-Jul-2019 | Larry Alton

Digital security has become more important in the eyes of the general public, thanks in part to major events like the Equifax data breach, which made the personal information of 143 million Americans

training, onboarding, corporate culture, new hires, retention, HR

Three Tips For Creating A Training System Focused On Communication

10-Apr-2019 | Larry Alton

When onboarding employees, the strength of your training system determines how well they will adapt to your business environment. If a new hire fails to integrate, it’s not always their fault. Somet

Employees: Your Strongest Or Weakest Link In Cybersecurity

1-Apr-2019 | Larry Alton

A business organization can come up with detailed and advanced cybersecurity strategies, but it’s impossible to fully secure the business without help from your employees. And in many cases, employe

Why Responsible Tech Use Is Crucial To Your Business’s Survival

27-Mar-2019 | Larry Alton

Most business leaders know that technology is the key to being successful and beating the competition in the modern era. With the right technology, you can improve productivity, invent new products, a

reports, leadership, business reporting, decision support

Tired Of Worthless Business Reports? Empower Your Employees For Success

14-Mar-2019 | Larry Alton

For business leaders and executives, employees are the troops on the battlefield. To know what’s happening at the ground level, you need your employees to provide regular business reports and progre