Kurt Ramcharan

Kurt Ramcharan

About Kurt Ramcharan

Kurt Ramcharan is the Marketing and Communication Director of Beyond Technologies. As an experienced marketing executive, he is passionate about developing go-to-market and demand generation strategies that blend traditional techniques with emerging technologies. Kurt has over 15 years of experience with B2B tech companies and a deep understanding of the shifting business dynamics within the wholesale, distribution and retail segments. Such expertise enables him to work leading retailers and wholesalers across North America. This experience allowed him to develop a strong knowledge of the supply chain, customer experience, omnichannel operations, and pricing and promotion business processes. With a people-first mindset, Kurt’s approach is about combining human behavior knowledge with the latest technologies to create meaningful digital transformations and engaging customer experiences.

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Leveraging Big Data To Create Big Deal Experiences

18-Mar-2020 | Kurt Ramcharan

Retail technology collects volume upon volume of data about sales, inventory changes, employee performance, customer behaviors – not to mention when and where it all happens. A pivotal fact about da