Kuljit Singh

About Kuljit Singh

Kuljit Singh is a Business Insights Advisor with SAP BTS team. He has been working with technology industry since 2008. He has experience and expertise in the use of emerging technologies, latest industry trends and competitor analysis.

How Fintechs Are Taking Traditional Banks By Siege

4-Sep-2019 | Kuljit Singh

In 1903, United Kingdom Member of Parliament (MP) Mr. Scott-Montague said, “I do not believe the introduction of motor-cars will ever affect the riding of horses.” We all know how that panned out.

Blockchain In Financial Services: Seed Of Today, Fruits For Tomorrow

26-Aug-2019 | Kuljit Singh

It is said that all the fruits of tomorrow are seeds today. For some, blockchain is like a seed that has immense potential to bear fruits in the future. Just like with a seed, how and in what form the