Kristin Mestre

Kristin Mestre

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Kristin is a millennial marketer with 8+ years experience in high-tech and who currently leads the customer reference strategy and execution for SAP Ariba's buyer and supplier customers.

diversity, HR, people with disabilities, employment

A Better Bottom Line For Businesses Employing The Differently Abled

14-Jun-2018 | Kristin Mestre

Just like Disney’s “It’s a Small World After All,” the evolution of diversity in the workplace is vibrant in color, rich in its uniqueness of landscapes, languages, and people. Yes, the catch

How To Build Undying Loyalty Like A College Football Program

2-Nov-2016 | Kristin Mestre

College football is an awesome sporting experience, plain and simple. The on-the-field action is as exciting as it is on the professional level. But, it's the fan experience that really takes college

The Will To WOW: 3 Reasons Corporate Social Strategy Is Important

27-Oct-2015 | Kristin Mestre

We are in a global age where the Internet of Things is making a huge imprint not only in business, but in the way that people appreciate life. People are opening their eyes to the world around them an