Kristin McMahon

Kristin McMahon

About Kristin McMahon

Kristin McMahon is a solution marketing director for SAP Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions with expertise and focus on data services and data quality tools.

Three Keys To Better Data Management In The Digital Economy

6-Aug-2019 | Kristin McMahon

If data is the new currency of the digital economy, then the companies that succeed will be those that manage their data most effectively. What’s needed is a comprehensive data management strategy s

Data Management, Analytics, And A New Era of Growth For Midsize Companies

24-Sep-2018 | Kristin McMahon

Money, time, employees, and resources – these are in short supply for a lot of midsize businesses. But many of them are overcoming those limitations by tapping into their abundance of data to channe

Power Your Digital Transformation With A Smart, Universal Data Platform

11-Jan-2018 | Kristin McMahon

If technology is the engine that drives digital transformation, data is the fuel. For forward-looking organizations it’s powering new insights, new ways of working, new products and services, and di