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Klaus Berghoffer

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Klaus Berghoffer is a Marketing and Communication Senior with 31 years of working experience in the IT industry and a technical university background. Klaus has contributed to large IT companies as well as 15 years for startups in fast-growth markets. He brings a history of cultural diversity from living in different countries as well as diverse working experience from different fields.

A Prescription For Turning People Strategies Into A Catalyst for Change

27-Nov-2018 | Klaus Berghoffer

Part 5 of the "Uncovering the Potential of Digital Investments" series It wasn’t that long ago when HR organizations exercised significant bargaining power when acquiring and retaining talent. Bu

Standardization: Reengineering The Automotive Industry’s Future One Part At A Time

20-Nov-2018 | Klaus Berghoffer

Part 4 of the "Uncovering the Potential of Digital Investments" series Every model cycle brings passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, buses, coaches, and minibuses that are more

digital transformation, connectedness, standardization, manufacturing, internet of things

Manufacturing’s Next Act Begins With Connectedness And Standardization

13-Nov-2018 | Klaus Berghoffer

Part 3 of the "Uncovering the Potential of Digital Investments" series The evolution of manufacturing begins on the shop floor – and this reality couldn’t be more evident than it is today. Indu

utilities, data, predictive analytics, digital transformation

The Utility Of The Future: From Buzzword To Reality With Standardization

6-Nov-2018 | Klaus Berghoffer

Part 2 of the "Uncovering the Potential of Digital Investments" series Stability and reliability are two attributes that utility companies highly value. From electricity and natural gas to water, m