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Kevin Gardner loves everything and anything business and enjoys writing about his experiences in order to help others succeed in their own endeavors. Kevin also enjoys rock climbing and watching soccer. You can follow Kevin at @kevgardner83.

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Tips For Becoming A Great Boss

27-Jul-2018 | Kevin Gardner

Some people earn their way into leadership roles, while others become bosses by luck. Unfortunately, most bosses don't get adequate training, so they fail in management skills. Being a great boss i

How To Succeed In Today’s Digital Economy

10-May-2018 | Kevin Gardner

Over time, digitalization has transformed to become an appendage to business. However, it has recently evolved to become not just part of the economy, but a fundamental component of it. In fact, digit

Customer Retention Secrets For Startups

12-Jan-2018 | Kevin Gardner

With the rise in digital technology, business strategy and consumer behavior has changed significantly. According to a study conducted by Google and Ogilvy, 74% of consumers consider word-of-mouth re

How CRM Software Can Save Time And Money

15-Nov-2017 | Kevin Gardner

Time is a scarce resource, and successful business leaders must manage it as effectively as possible by focusing on tasks that cannot be automated. While there are certain business activities that you

The Advantages Of Using Business Intelligence Reports

31-Oct-2017 | Kevin Gardner

Business intelligence (BI) is among the most-used buzzwords in the modern business landscape. BI usually refers to computer software or other tools that are used to collect complex business data and c

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Online Certification And Training For The Career You Want

13-Oct-2017 | Kevin Gardner

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are transforming learning today. From Stanford University to MIT, the world's elite universities are providing these completely free online courses to anyone with W

How Small Businesses Can Protect Against Hackers

31-Aug-2017 | Kevin Gardner

If your small business collects consumer data or payment information, it can become a target for hackers. Although media reports typically focus primarily on hacks affecting high-profile brands lik

How To Integrate New Technology Into Your HR Department

12-Jun-2017 | Kevin Gardner

Human resources is a key department within any organization. If the HR department fails at its task of hiring top talent, the whole company risks failure. That’s why business leaders should make

Top Technology Developments That Have Changed How Businesses Recruit

1-Jun-2017 | Kevin Gardner

Technology is more than just a tool that people use to get work done or even stay connected. Innovations in technology enable employers to hire the right talents and allow job seekers to find the righ