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Kerry Brown is the VP of User Adoption at SAP. She is an international speaker on change management, learning, talent and organizational development, social and collaboration, interacting with diverse global occupational cultures and industries, including many Fortune customers.

Time For A Playdate?

17-Apr-2019 | Kerry Brown

Increasingly, innovation is “taking the work out of the work” with chatbots, artificial intelligence, and the like. So what’s left? One could say it’s the play aspects of work—those activ

Where Is The Intersection Of Technology, Industry, And People?

13-Sep-2018 | Kerry Brown

These days, we are inundated with a seemingly endless flow of new technology in both our personal and professional lives. What does all this change mean for our work lives? Trying to understand how

4 year old girl using digital tablet on table

Curiosity And Change: A Never-Ending Conundrum

2-Apr-2018 | Kerry Brown

Do you have uncontainable curiosity? In a recent interview about Stephen Hawking, well-known author Walter Isaacson cited that as the mark of a genius. Other qualities he mentioned are a sense of obse

Digital: When Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

7-Dec-2017 | Kerry Brown

Surprisingly, I was late to the iPhone game. Like many, I loved the keyboard and email capabilities of my BlackBerry and didn’t understand what all the fuss was about…until I got an iPhone. Then,

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Social Collaboration: How HR Can Bring $19.2 Million In Revenue Opportunity

11-Nov-2015 | Kerry Brown

With each click, share, like, and tweet, the world’s data pool expands faster than we can ever comprehend. In fact, IDC recently estimated double-digit growth rates of real-time intelligence, explor

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3 Reasons Why Knowledge Networks Raise The Bar For Social Learning Experiences

26-Oct-2015 | Kerry Brown

There is no doubt that digital technology has revolutionized how we communicate and live our lives. And when it comes to learning, it is a 24x7 event that’s as close as the nearest mobile device. Th