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About KayRee Lee

Kay Ree Lee is Director of Business Analytics and Insights at SAP Ariba. Kay Ree has specialized expertise in procurement, sourcing, vendor management and analytics. He is a results-oriented, hands-on leader with experience improving the performance of Fortune 500 and small to midsize companies. He is based in Atlanta, GA.

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Can Procurement Support The Enterprise To Increase The Top Line?

18-Jul-2018 | KayRee Lee

An April 11, 2018, article in the Wall Street Journal reported that Sears Holdings is partnering with an online auction platform to sell 16 of its profitable store locations because the platform wou

How Procurement Analytics And Systems Support Zero-Base Budgeting

7-Jun-2018 | KayRee Lee

Money is money, wrote Gertrude Stein in the Saturday Evening Post in 1936, questioning whether people thought of money as money regardless of the amount. The concept behind zero-base budgeting should

How To Avoid Three Common Mistakes In Measuring Procurement Performance

9-May-2018 | KayRee Lee

As the procurement function continues to demonstrate value and maintain its trusted business advisor status, few things are more important than keeping track of the value delivered and measuring progr

Are You Sabotaging Your Sourcing Savings?

3-Oct-2017 | KayRee Lee

In a traditional sourcing event, the event winner is typically awarded based on cost or a combination of cost and service level. However, sourcing events can get complex rather quickly. With variation

How Lean Management Can Improve Your Procure-To-Pay Process

26-Sep-2017 | KayRee Lee

“Lean management” is not a new concept; in fact, most corporate businesspeople know it and may have even participated in lean projects. In the last 15–20 years, leading organizations have deploy

Transformation: Start By Understanding What Success Looks Like

11-Sep-2017 | KayRee Lee

Digital transformation starts with a defined digital strategy, a road map, and a clear understanding of what measurable success looks like. However, according to a recent SAP Ariba survey conducted at