Kathryn Zwack

Kathryn Zwack

About Kathryn Zwack

Kathryn Zwack is passionate about telling stories that describe how technology can make life better and safer, and the world more sustainable—for customers, end-users, and stakeholders. Kathryn is responsible for global go-to-market programs, campaigns, and events for SAP Ariba’s mid-market and ecosystem audiences. In addition, she develops content and programs focused on SAP Ariba’s vertical solutions audiences, primarily communicating the benefits of Ariba 4 Direct.

Four New Places To Find More Savings

15-May-2019 | Kathryn Zwack

If you’ve looked everywhere in your search for savings, we have an answer for you. Four, actually. You’ve picked all the low-hanging fruit and upended every stone. You’ve already delivered mo

Four Reasons Your Policies May Feel Like Fallacies

22-Apr-2019 | Kathryn Zwack

When it comes to procurement policy, you’ve crossed every “t” and dotted every “i.” You’ve sourced all your goods and services, negotiated your contracts, and made sure preferred pricing i