Karl-Heinz Hoffmann

Karl-Heinz Hoffmann

About Karl-Heinz Hoffmann

Karl has been helping organizations deliver software value for nearly 25 years. At SAP he is responsible for leading the Global, ISV Value Engineering practice. This organization helps ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors, companies that make and sell software) identify, quantify and define the success blueprint for using SAP Technology as part of their software. Prior to SAP, he worked at BEA, Sybase and end-clients, in various leadership roles to define, lead and help execute software strategies.

Driving The Intelligent Enterprise

25-Oct-2018 | Karl-Heinz Hoffmann

A Formula 1 racing car is bristling with the latest technology, from sophisticated energy recapture and drag reduction systems to state-of-the-art materials and aerodynamics. But to fulfill its core p