Karim Razek

Karim Razek

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Karim Razek is the Business Enterprise Principal Consultant at the Qatar office at SAP. He is responsible for the development and alignment of SAP clients’ business processes, customer experience, and IT strategy to help meet their enterprise strategic goals. Karim is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt from Quality America, Global Business Transformation Manager, and Enterprise Architect EA200. He also holds an MBA from Maastricht University and specializes business process analysis and advanced discreet process simulation techniques. Other areas of expertise include customer journey management, strategy development, business process management, and business process engineering.

Customer Experience Strategy And Overall Company Strategy

2-Jan-2020 | Karim Razek

The generic company strategies model developed by Michael Porter classifies companies into one of three broad, generic categories: cost leaders (competing on low prices), differentiators (competing ba

Customer Loyalty From The Lens Of CXM

30-Dec-2019 | Karim Razek

Technology is fundamentally changing the way that consumers interact with business and making purchases. If an organization is not focused on this transformation and what customer experience is at eve

Growing Importance Of Customer Experience Management

26-Dec-2019 | Karim Razek

Part 1 of the three-part series "Why Customer Experience Management Matters" Customers are more informed than ever and unquestionably consider experience as part of any research they do or purchase