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Karen McDermott

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Karen McDermott is Global Head of Financial Services Industries Marketing and Communications at SAP, responsible for driving the growth of SAP's value proposition as a technology provider, trusted business partner, and thought leader for the financial services industry.

How Banks Can Close The Customer Experience Gap

17-Sep-2019 | Karen McDermott

In a recent blog, I wrote about the impact of evolving technologies on employees and the need for banks to adapt to these changes. Yet the employee experience is only half of the picture. When thinkin

Five Critical Focus Areas For CHROs In 2020 And Beyond

14-Aug-2019 | Karen McDermott

The future of work is a topic that interests me greatly. During the course of my career, technology has dramatically changed the way we work – for the better, in my opinion. And I look forward to th

Next Practices For The Intelligent Enterprise Bank

12-Jun-2019 | Karen McDermott

Huge amounts of customer data. That’s one big advantage that banks have over their new-age competitors. Today’s savviest banks are using it, along with other data sets from inside and outside t

The Sky Is Not Falling In Banking (I Promise)

23-May-2018 | Karen McDermott

Call it hype, paranoia, sport: no matter where you go, you can find a “thought leadership” article from a talking head, consultant, technologist, or “fintech founder” who says that a fintech o

Bank Customers Want What Technology Can Give Them

17-Apr-2018 | Karen McDermott

Online banking launched two decades ago, precipitating the banking industry's dependence on technology as we know it today. It was a challenge to get consumers comfortable with online banking (as it