Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch

About Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch is the Vice President, Global Wholesale Distribution Industry Business Unit at SAP. She sets the vision and direction and execute the go to market plan to address the needs of Wholesale Distributors across the globe by using SAP solutions.

How Smaller Wholesalers Can Tip The “Direct-to-Consumer Effect” In Their Favor

13-Jun-2018 | Karen Lynch

The wholesale distribution industry is facing unrelenting, competitive pressure from all directions. E-commerce giants are offering Web-friendly convenience, steep membership discounts, and same-day s

Transform Wholesale Distribution With Augmented Reality

26-Mar-2018 | Karen Lynch

Augmented reality can enrich a technology experience while reducing costs, improving ROI, and creating more productive, efficient employees. These are all critical components of the wholesale distribu

How To Take Your Wholesale Business Into A Smarter World

26-Feb-2018 | Karen Lynch

Today's wholesale value chain is undergoing dynamic change. New business models are changing how we do business on a daily basis. We're now seeing smarter robots and the beginning of artificial intell

How Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Will Transform The Wholesale Industry

11-Jan-2018 | Karen Lynch

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are quickly becoming “the new normal.” Despite alarmist sci-fi predictions about AI from Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, these innovations