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Kai Goerlich is the Chief Futurist at SAP Innovation Center network. His specialties include competitive intelligence, market intelligence, corporate foresight, trends, futuring, and ideation. Share your thoughts with Kai on Twitter @KaiGoe.

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The Tech That Fell from Space

12-Sep-2018 | Kai Goerlich

[drop-letter]Space research has been the source of numerous technology innovations, many of which we now take for granted, such as mobile devices and GPS systems that rely on satellite data. In the po

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The Space Economy: Ready For Liftoff

11-Sep-2018 | Kai Goerlich

Space may not yet be high on the agenda for digital leaders, but leading business minds are making billion-dollar bets that suggest it should be. Many innovations now critical to most organizationsâ€

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Swimming In The Immersive Digital Experience

12-Sep-2017 | Kai Goerlich

If you've chased a Pokémon down the street or visited Antarctica via the New York Times' VR app, you've already experienced how quickly immersive digital experiences have begun to feel real. This fir

Machine Learning: The Real Business Intelligence

23-Jan-2017 | Kai Goerlich

Business intelligence (BI) tools first appeared on the enterprise technology scene several decades ago, at birth clumsy and difficult to use but ultimately improving the flow of data through organizat

(Re)Programming Life

12-Sep-2016 | Kai Goerlich

We live in the Anthropocene era; human activity is very clearly the foremost impact on Earth. Today we require the resources of 1.6 Earths to survive, and the most moderate estimates suggest that, if

The Future Of Sensors: Business In High Definition

27-Jan-2016 | Kai Goerlich

All change begins with the ability to measure. For millennia, humans relied on our five senses to gauge the world around us in order to survive and thrive. As civilization advanced, however, we sta

Dealing With Complexities In Biology And Medicine: Q&A With Prof. Sandra Mitchell

11-Nov-2015 | Kai Goerlich

Health is one of our major personal concerns. Despite all the scientific progress, it seems that we are still fighting an uphill battle against the complexities in biological systems, leading to risin

Digital Medicine: Healing Better In A Complex System

11-Nov-2015 | Kai Goerlich

The prognosis for the global healthcare system, as it stands, is not good. Most industries, in recent years, have seen expenses decrease and service delivery improve with the application of new tec

The Future Of Robotics: More Ironman, Less Terminator [VIDEO]

25-Aug-2015 | Kai Goerlich

Fascination—and fear of—the interplay between man and machine is as old as industrialization itself, from Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics creating a quasi code of ethics for our potentiall

The Top Reasons Why The Maker Movement Will Be The Next Renaissance

22-Jul-2015 | Kai Goerlich

Trying to give customers exactly what they want can be a big mistake. Manufacturers spend billions of dollars on market research and product development to deliver a diverse mix of goods with a variet