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Julio Dalla Costa

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Julio Dalla Costa is the director of Technical Accounting at Bramasol. Julio has 20+ years of professional experience in technical accounting, financial reporting, and controllership. Julio began his career at KPMG, leaving as an external audit manager, and has progressively increased his responsibility at various Fortune 500 companies, mainly in the energy and telecom industries. Julio is a subject matter expert in technical accounting and has focused on revenue recognition and lease accounting over the last few years to assist companies in interpreting and implementing the new accounting standards. He is also a financial reporting expert, helping companies develop and implement effective financial controls and processes and streamline operations to drive growth while increasing efficiency. His expertise in finance and accounting includes technical accounting, financial reporting, operational accounting, internal audits, and internal controls.

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The Future Of Compliance: Mitigating The “Busy Season”

24-Sep-2018 | Julio Dalla Costa

As a first-year external auditor at one of the Big Four accounting firms some 20 years ago, my initial assignment was to print out audit confirmations, add self-addressed envelopes, and physically mai