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Judy Cubiss

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Judy Cubiss is Global Marketing Lead for Industrial Machinery and Components and Automotive at SAP. She has worked in the software industry for over 20 years in a variety of roles, including consulting, product management, solution management, and content marketing in both Europe and the United States.

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Next Practices For Intelligent Enterprise IM&C Companies

3-Jul-2019 | Judy Cubiss

We’ve been talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the industrial machinery and components (IM&C) industry for a while now. It’s really happening. Digital is providing new ways to de

a customer considers the purchase of a new car

Diverse New Data Drives The Intelligent Enterprise Automotive Company

5-Jun-2019 | Judy Cubiss

The automotive industry is in the process of boosting its collective IQ. Data insights from analytics are now critical to how products are designed, manufactured, marketed, sold, and serviced. Vehi

Technology, Manufacturers, And The Power Of The Intelligent Enterprise

1-May-2019 | Judy Cubiss

What technology can do today is mind-blowing. Without revealing too much about my age, I'll just point out that things that we (and especially our kids) now take for granted would have been difficult

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Industrial Manufacturers: Stories Of Innovation

26-Mar-2019 | Judy Cubiss

Industrial manufacturers may not be top of mind when discussing innovation and disruption (think: grease, noise, sparks, and wrenches) – but that is an oversight. There is a huge amount of innovati

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End-To-End Processes In The Cloud: The Future Is Coming

12-Mar-2019 | Judy Cubiss

New technologies, new business models, new opportunities for digitization, new innovations – overwhelmed yet? It seems the rate of innovation is increasing exponentially, and it’s a digital-or-die

manufacturing, intelligence, intelligent technologies, machine learning, AI

Intelligence: What It Means To You And Industrial Manufacturers

5-Mar-2019 | Judy Cubiss

What is intelligence? Is it getting a degree from an Ivy League college? The ability to speak many languages? Being to answer all the questions on your TV quiz show from the sofa? What about intell

manufacturing, cloud, IM&C, digital transformation

Cloud Is The Foundation For Digitalization For Manufacturers

26-Feb-2019 | Judy Cubiss

Part 2 of the "Digitalization of the IM&C Industry" series The first blog in this series discussed how industrial manufacturers are looking at digitalization. It is clear that digital disrupti

How Are Industrial Manufacturers Looking At Digitalization?

19-Feb-2019 | Judy Cubiss

Part 1 of the "Digitalization of the IM&C Industry" series Digitalization is an ongoing journey. As innovative technologies become more mainstream, the pace of innovation and transformation con

How Finance Is Thriving In A Digital World: 17 Experts Share Their 2018 Predictions

13-Dec-2017 | Judy Cubiss

Change is the new normal. The rate of change due to digitalization and technology continues at a breakneck pace. Technologies that were nascent last year are becoming mainstream. Businesses and organi

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Workplace Diversity: An Ongoing Conversation (Even In Finance)

27-Sep-2017 | Judy Cubiss

Diversity! The topic that has been in the press a lot recently, from the infamous Google employee memo to the discussion about the effectiveness of positive discrimination for college applicants. A