Judith Magyar

From Ocean To Table: Bumble Bee Uses Blockchain To Trace Your Fish

12-Mar-2019 | Judith Magyar

Have you ever stood in a supermarket aisle with a package of fish in your hand, curious about its journey from the deep blue sea? Wondering who caught it, packed it, and shipped it? “More and mor

Intelligent Enterprises Share Secrets To Success In The Me-2-B World

16-Jan-2019 | Judith Magyar

Renault wanted to make it easier for customers in Brazil to buy its vehicles. So the French automaker came up with a way for people to buy a car in four minutes on their smartphone – at any time of

Natura: Looking Good And Doing Good – In The Cloud

10-Jan-2019 | Judith Magyar

Renata Federizzi, a manager in a large corporation who juggled a hectic schedule, realized with a sinking heart that it was her father-in-law’s birthday and she had no gift to take to the family din

Retail Experiences: How To Avoid A Bad One

8-Jan-2019 | Judith Magyar

It’s Saturday afternoon when you realize your second cousin's wedding is fast approaching and you still don’t have a dress. Mall or couch? It’s raining, so you pick the couch. After 20 minutes o

An Interview With SAP’s Greg McStravick: The Intelligent Enterprise Learns And Adapts

19-Jun-2018 | Judith Magyar

Philosophers have struggled for centuries to articulate a definition of the word “intelligence.” Aristotle considered it the highest of human virtues, and the root of rational thought, and indeed,

How IKEA Builds Sustainable Innovation Into Its Business Model To Improve Lives

8-Jun-2018 | Judith Magyar

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] Most people think of a discarded plastic bottle as waste. But at IKEA, it’s a resource. The IKEA brand has a set of commandments for doing business, and not

How One Of Europe’s Biggest Transport Companies Is Preparing For A Driverless Future

28-May-2018 | Judith Magyar

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] The days when a hitchhiker like Bobby McGee would thumb a diesel down and ride it all the way to New Orleans are numbered. That’s because trucks will soon