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JT Ripton is a freelance business and tech writer out of Tampa FL. JT likes to write to inform and intrigue

How To Improve Customer Service With Video

12-Sep-2017 | JT Ripton

Keeping customers happy is critical to your business’s success. That’s simple enough in theory, but in practice, delivering great customer service can be a challenge. According to the Harvard Busi

Five Ways To Profit From Interactive Broadcasting

19-Dec-2016 | JT Ripton

What do Chinese businesses know about interactive broadcasting that we don’t? Nearly 46 percent of China’s Internet population now uses an interactive broadcasting app, also known as live strea

5 Reasons Why Live Video Chat Is Untapped Potential For Your Business

23-Feb-2016 | JT Ripton

In case you’ve missed the memo, here’s a sobering reality check that highlights the importance of video in today’s mobile first, customer-centric economy: Roughly 100 of the top 500 corporation

Witnessing The Digital Revolution In Africa

2-Feb-2016 | JT Ripton

The 2015 Transform Africa Summit, held in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, was an unprecedented gathering of global corporations and internationally known entrepreneurs in the information technology fie

When To Stay Lean And When To Go Big

23-Dec-2015 | JT Ripton

When and how to grow a business is one of the biggest challenges faced by small business startups. If you try to grow too fast and invest too much, you may have serious cash flow issues. If you grow t

How To Embrace The Coming Freelancing Revolution

30-Oct-2015 | JT Ripton

The concept of running a business today is constantly changing, and one thing that has completely shifted the corporate landscape has been the ongoing shift towards employees becoming voluntary freela