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Joe Pacor is senior director, Industry Cloud Marketing-Insurance at SAP, responsible for driving the growth of SAP's value proposition as a technology provider, trusted business partner, and thought leader for the insurance industry.

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Disrupting The Insurance Industry: How Digitalization Enables A Customer-Focused Business Model

16-Apr-2018 | Joe Pacor

The insurance industry is changing. This once product-driven industry is seeing an increasing need to become consumer-driven. Today’s average insurance customer has dozens of choices in providers. W

How Finance Leadership Pays Off For Insurers: The Oxford Economics Study  

27-Dec-2017 | Joe Pacor

In 2017, SAP sponsored Oxford Economics to interview 1,500 international financial professionals in a wide range of industries. During this process, they discovered several interesting issues that are

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Blockchain And The Future Of The Insurance Industry

5-Oct-2017 | Joe Pacor

Blockchain, or shared ledger technology, is gaining the full attention of the financial services industry. Its promise and the potential of a “second internet,” one with complete accountability an

Preparing For The Digital Revolution: What Insurers Need To Know  

1-Sep-2017 | Joe Pacor

It's no secret that more people are digitally connected today than ever before. This trend shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, with 2.5 billion people expected to be connected on social media b

IoT And Connected Services: Three Steps Your Business Must Take Now

15-Aug-2017 | Joe Pacor

We are living on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution. This technological revolution is altering the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In the services industry, it is transforming

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Driving The Next Generation Of Insurance Through The Cloud

7-Nov-2016 | Joe Pacor

The information technology revolution has come to the insurance industry in full force. Insurance has always been a competitive marketplace, but digital solutions are now an essential part of achi

Insurance Digital Transformation: Preventing, Not Compensating, Loss

14-Sep-2016 | Joe Pacor

In 1666, the Great Fire of London swept through central London, destroying much of the city over a three-day period. Amidst the rubble, a new business emerged: insurance sales for loss compensation.

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How Disruption Will Cause The Insurance Industry To Change

24-Jun-2016 | Joe Pacor

Digital transformation is changing our world, and the insurance industry cannot sit idly and avoid these changes. It's expected that the digital customer experience will drastically drive insuran

Insurance Industry: Time To Embrace The Digital Age

13-Aug-2015 | Joe Pacor

Technology, data, and analytics are hot topics in just about every industry these days. However, by all accounts the insurance industry has been slow to embrace the practices and processes of analyti