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Joseph Miles

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Joseph Miles is Global Vice President pf Life Sciences at SAP. He is passionate about helping organizations improve outcomes for their patients and enable innovation across the health sciences value chain.

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Empower People With Health Wearables: Mixing Tech And Health

15-Dec-2017 | Joseph Miles

From Fitbits to smart watches, health-focused wearables are perhaps one of the best IoT innovations to show immediate benefits. These devices provide individuals with instant feedback on everything fr

Transforming Life Sciences To Reduce Costs, Increase Value, And Improve Outcomes

23-Aug-2017 | Joseph Miles

Recently, a business trip through Asia took me through Japan, Hong Kong, and Western China. The timing was perfect as spring had arrived in all the cities I visited, and I enjoyed reconnecting with co

Leveraging Contract Manufacturing Organizations In Life Sciences

23-Feb-2017 | Joseph Miles

The 21st century has been a remarkable and volatile time in the life sciences industry. The onset of the patent cliff in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors set forth a variety of strategi

The New Criteria For Choosing Medical Products: Outcomes

6-Jul-2016 | Joseph Miles

While it seems to be clear that life sciences models are changing, it’s not as clear what will replace them. The traditional “fee for service” reimbursement models are seen as too costly and ine

Going Digital In Life Sciences: What Does That Really Mean?

25-May-2016 | Joseph Miles

The digital economy is alive and growing in a market near you. Leading companies in all industries are using digital technologies to change their processes and disrupt their value chains. Why? Because