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Jonathan Moran

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Jonathan Moran is responsible for global marketing activities for all SAS Customer Intelligence solutions. Mr. Moran joined SAS in March of 2008 bringing seven years of industry experience with him, having worked in Global Professional Services and Sales Support roles at the Teradata Corporation. Over the past 14 years, Mr. Moran has had the opportunity to not only architect, develop, demonstrate, and implement Customer Intelligence solutions, but he has also had the opportunity to work on-site with Fortune 500 customers helping them solve unique digital marketing challenges. Mr. Moran graduated from North Carolina State University with an undergraduate double major – Marketing and Spanish Languages and Literatures. Mr. Moran also holds a MBA from North Carolina State University with a concentration in Technology Commercialization.

Marketing To The Segment Of One

5-Jan-2016 | Jonathan Moran

Today’s consumers are more informed and empowered than ever, and businesses must meet their demands to stay competitive and relevant. Mass marketing is proving to be less effective since customers e