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Jonathan Charley is the EMEA North General Manager of Financial Services at SAP. He is responsible for EMEA North Financial Services sharing thought leadership and leading customers through their digital transformation

Why Corporate Banks Should Embrace AI And Machine Learning

28-Sep-2018 | Jonathan Charley

With fintechs and other challengers threatening to pick off the most profitable parts of corporate banking, such as international money transfers and the provision of FX services, never has it been mo

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Will GDPR Inhibit Or Improve The Adoption Of Open Banking?

26-Mar-2018 | Jonathan Charley

GDPR is a set of EU created rules designed to give citizens more control over their data. It comes into effect on May 25, 2018, and aims to simplify the regulatory environment for business so both cit

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The Cloud Is Ready For Banks, But Are The Banks Ready For The Cloud?

29-Aug-2017 | Jonathan Charley

Banking has been one of the slowest industries to migrate core processing to the cloud. There is no doubt that the few cloud providers that designed their businesses purely for the cloud have sophisti

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The Unstoppable Rise Of Robo-Advisers

22-Aug-2016 | Jonathan Charley

The Financial Times estimates that the market for funds advised by hybrid robo-human services will grow to $16.3 trillion worldwide in the next nine years. According to Swiss financial research compan

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Digital Transformation In Banking Isn’t Happening

18-Aug-2016 | Jonathan Charley

There is a lot of talk about digital transformation by banks, but the reality is that – despite what they say – they are not doing it. What the vast majority of banks is actually doing is digital

Data Analytics: Giving Middle East Banks An Effective Hedge Against Economic Volatility

21-Mar-2016 | Jonathan Charley

There’s a lot of speculation around economic volatility in local markets. With volatility comes opportunity for the most entrepreneurial banks. However, to exploit these opportunities there’s a gr

High-Performing Companies Play As A Team

11-Feb-2016 | Jonathan Charley

Chief compliance officers (CCOs), chief risk officers (CROs), chief financial officers (CFOs), and chief data officers (CDOs) have more in common than they might think: a need for reliable, common dat

To Be In Great Compliance And Business Shape, Banks Need To Get Fit At A Granular Level

20-Jan-2016 | Jonathan Charley

Regulators are scrutinizing credit exposures like never before and conducting deeper market surveillance. Take the Analytical Credit Dataset (AnaCredit), the latest in a growing number of regulations

Sprint Or Marathon: Which Platform Performance Suits You?

11-Dec-2015 | Jonathan Charley

On your marks, get set … We’re all aware of the pressures: Banks need to provide regulators with consistent answers for each requirement or report. A unified view of risk and finance data is the

Running To Stand Still? That’s Exhausting – And Compliance Without Strategy

23-Nov-2015 | Jonathan Charley

Most bank staff must feel like athletes these days, trying to react with speed and precision to volatile markets and tough regulatory requirements. Yet despite the best training and intentions, are th