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John Schitka

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John Schitka is a senior director in Solution Marketing at SAP with a focus on analytics, cognition, and Big Data. His interest is in getting users meaningful insights and information out of the vast and varied amounts and divergent types of data available to them. John has a focus on Big Data and the SAP IT Operations Analytics product offering. A graduate of McMaster University, he holds an MBA from the University of Windsor. He has worked in product marketing and product management in the high-tech arena for a number of years, taught at a private college, and has co-authored a number of published textbooks. He has a true love of technology and all that it has to offer the world. John can be reached at

Democratizing Machine Learning And Predictive Analytics: Business-Enabled Data Analytics

3-Dec-2018 | John Schitka

Part 2 in the 4-part series "Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning" What is an intelligent enterprise? It’s the kind of company that understands customers and delivers better outcomes using d