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John Roche

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John Roche is an advisor with SAP and an experienced leader for digital transformation to connect people, things, and businesses to run the world better. He helps CEOs and business leaders to define their vision and leverage digital trends to transform their company. He provides guidance to CTOs and enterprise architects on end-to-end architecture design. Connect with John on LinkedIn.

How Will Travel Look In A Digital World?

19-Jul-2018 | John Roche

Part 1 in the "Advanced Integration" series This blog is the first of a series that will drill down into technologies for advanced integration and enhanced intelligence and potential applications.

Establish Trust In The Digital Age

6-Jun-2018 | John Roche

Oil had had many uses for centuries, but two primary innovations—electricity and the combustion engine—drove global demand for oil and its by-products to new heights. Like oil, innovations impa