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John Candish leads the global business for SAP IoT Connect 365 for the SAP Digital Interconnect organization His goal is to make connecting IoT devices globally simpler for all enterprises. John has worked in both technical and commercial roles. Prior to his current position, John headed the global business for SAP IPX 365 mobile service for SAP Digital Interconnect.

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Connectivity Options For Utilities And Manufacturers

5-Jun-2018 | John Candish

Enabling lower-cost Internet of Things (IoT) devices that use less power and have a very long life will be key for utilities and manufacturers looking to utilize IoT. Both WiFi and cellular technol

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Must-Ask IoT Questions: Is The Last Mile Of The IoT Rock-Solid Reliable?

9-May-2018 | John Candish

The last mile, or the virtual mile between the enterprise and the IoT device, is often the most difficult for enterprises. I’ve shared the eight imperative questions that enterprises must ask the

Connected Is Expected: IoT Security Is Crucial

5-Apr-2018 | John Candish

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] IoT applications and services started out as a novelty—think LG’s Electronics Internet-enabled fridge in early 2000—but over the last few years, IoT

Must-Ask IoT Questions: How Will You Manage Operator Contracts And Connections?

15-Mar-2018 | John Candish

In my previous blog, I shared eight imperative questions that enterprises must ask themselves before building their IoT ecosystems. In this blog of the “Must-Ask IoT Questions” series, I explore

Must-Ask IoT Questions: Are You Prepared And Able To Scale Globally?

1-Mar-2018 | John Candish

The Internet of Things promises unprecedented connectivity among people, machines, and things—which comes as no surprise considering today's technological landscape. However, to take advantage of th

8 Must-Ask IoT Connectivity Questions

6-Dec-2017 | John Candish

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds incredible opportunities for businesses, their partners, and end users, and much of its promise hinges on connections that exchange data and automate processes witho