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John is a longtime digital media consultant who has written for Venturebeat, FastCompany, Search Engine Journal and NBC. He lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

4 Tips For Innovating Your Tired Old Marketing Campaigns

18-Oct-2016 | John Boitnott

Within their practice, many businesses focus on immediate concerns such as overhead, revenue, client satisfaction, or funding. It’s easy to overlook more intangible elements of business strategy whe

Are Smart Homes Distracting Your Employees?

25-May-2016 | John Boitnott

The home of the future is here. Almost every type of appliance can be controlled by a consumer’s smartphone, from doorbells to thermostats to toasters. Shoppers can look inside their refrigerator wh

Time-Challenged? 6 Ways To Sneak In A Workout

2-Jun-2015 | John Boitnott

We all know that regular exercise is important. But if you're like lots of entrepreneurs and other business professionals, it's hard to add a trip to the gym to your already over-scheduled calendar.