Jessica Knell

Jessica Knell

About Jessica Knell

Jessica Knell is a member of the Training and Enablement team at SAP. She is responsible for business development, marketing, and communications of digital training technologies from SAP. Her background includes go-to-market strategy development with an emphasis on marketing and communications. You can also find her moderating the Training and Enablement social media channels including @SAPEDU on Twitter.

IDC Study Shows Software Training Dramatically Boosts User Performance

29-May-2019 | Jessica Knell

Spring training. Olympics coaching. Clarinet lessons. Team-building workshops. Whether it applies to sports, martial arts, managing people, or almost anything else, learning is a lifelong endeavor.

Deploying New Enterprise Software? Don’t Neglect User Training

6-Dec-2018 | Jessica Knell

Today’s new generation of digitally oriented software demands new user skills. Most enterprises are less than prepared: according to a 2017 study by the Technical University of Munich, 64% of organi