Jesper Schleimann

Jesper Schleimann

About Jesper Schleimann

Digital Transformation Officer, EMEA North region. In his role as Digital Transformation Officer, Jesper's mission is to help customers unlock their business potential by simplifying their digital transformation. Jesper has an Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School as well as a Masters from University of Copenhagen.

Defining Next Practice For The Intelligent Enterprise

15-Nov-2018 | Jesper Schleimann

We are facing some very big changes in the workplace, driven by technology – primarily software and data. This means that software will do repetitive tasks, make decisions, and set priorities in a w

Simplify To The Core

8-May-2018 | Jesper Schleimann

The mission-critical need for digital innovation accentuates the management headache caused by too little time and too few resources to unlock the value in your data. The long-term cure for that pain

AI Makes Organizations More Humane

10-Jan-2018 | Jesper Schleimann

The labor market, and the workplace, are facing unprecedented change. While robots and AI are creating these changes, they are also potentially HR’s best friend in coping with change. Martin Ford