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Jenny Clint

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Jenny Clint is a private consultant and a freelance writer who is currently involved in helping her clients and readers develop their brilliant business endeavors. She’s motivated by the example of those who find the courage to innovate, stand up to what they dream and endure the effort of rejection and disappointment. For more info visit Jenny on Twitter @jennyclint88..

people working on a strategy

How To Implement A Proper Quality Management System For Your Business

28-Nov-2016 | Jenny Clint

Quality management systems are the backbone of a business’ success, especially if you’re just starting out. Solid products and services are just one part of the equation, but the overall quality o

creating unique customer experiences

How To Craft A Unique Customer Experience With No Margin Of Error

7-Nov-2016 | Jenny Clint

Customer experience is a stable concept in definition, but in practice it goes through constant changes. A mix of technological advancements and client expectations will always keep companies on their