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Jeff Woods is Chief Product Strategist, Products and Innovation at SAP.

Intersecting Innovations Create Change

11-Sep-2017 | Jeff Woods

I recently took part in a lively panel in New York City where we discussed the impact of the intersections among digital technologies. During the discussion, we uncovered one aspect of why second-gene

Macro Change at the (Irrational) Micro Level

10-May-2017 | Jeff Woods

Our belief that humans are rational is fundamental to society. Philosophers have spent thousands of years explaining why we are more than our irrational emotions. Participatory government and the free

Machines for Navigating a Nuanced World

16-Jan-2017 | Jeff Woods

Whether or not you agree with the outcomes of the Brexit vote or the U.S. elections, in both cases, traditional models for predicting voter behavior clearly broke down. The factors that contributed to

Where Digitalists Are Headed Now

14-Nov-2016 | Jeff Woods

A year ago, IDC reported that two-thirds of CEOs expected to execute digital transformation strategies in 2016. But it feels like the impact of digital far exceeded even these high expectations. There

The Next Wave of Connectedness

6-Sep-2016 | Jeff Woods

While the commercial speaks to the timeless need for connections to others, the absurdity of the scenario shows just how much we rely on digital technology for the connectedness we experience today. A

Steve Lucas: How to Build Winning Algorithms

2-Mar-2016 | Jeff Woods

As the son of a nuclear physicist who developed mathematical models for a living, Steve Lucas learned early about the power of algorithms to predict behavior and performance. As president of Digital E

Q&A With Alex Atzberger: The Role Of Digital Supply Networks In Disrupting Your Industry

29-Feb-2016 | Jeff Woods

Once leaders make the call to disrupt their industry, they face the hard work of marshaling support and commitment from employees and stakeholders. Why is it so hard? Basically, it all comes down to t

How Can I Run Simple In An Increasingly Complex World?

2-Nov-2015 | Jeff Woods

There is always more gained from sharing knowledge than from hoarding it. And there’s plenty to go around now that we are generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Yet there are still some

Q&A With Mike Ettling: Advice On Overcoming The Employee Engagement Crisis That Will Blow Your Mind

29-Jul-2015 | Jeff Woods

Over the past decade, employee engagement has been somewhat stagnant – hovering 13% worldwide. As workplaces become more connected and virtual, tension is building among employees of all levels and

Take A Step Back To See The Bigger Picture: Introducing Digitalist Magazine, Executive Quarterly

27-Jul-2015 | Jeff Woods

With the introduction of the Digitalist Magazine, we announced a new direction in our journey to fully embrace the emergence of the digital economy – a worldwide transformation of the way that we co