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Jean Loh

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Jean Loh is the director, Global Audience Marketing at SAP. She is an experienced marketing and communication professional, currently responsible for developing thought leadership content that is unbiased and audience-led while addressing market challenges to illuminate and solve the unmet needs of CFOs, CIOs, and the wider global finance and IT audience.

Top Five CIO Blogs Of June 2018

5-Jul-2018 | Jean Loh

From traditional enterprise resource planning software to innovations in artificial intelligence, analytics, and Big Data management, each blog in June's top five offers important insights on how

Top Five Finance Blogs Of May 2018

12-Jun-2018 | Jean Loh

In May, the Digitalist CFO Knowledge section explored a wide variety of topics, exemplified in the top five best-read blogs. The question of how businesses can help put a stop to worker exploitation c

Top CIO Blog for May 2018

Top Five CIO Blogs Of May 2018

7-Jun-2018 | Jean Loh

At this year's SAPPHIRE NOW conference, the focus is on how companies can create intelligent enterprises that can fuel economies, lift societies, and sustain our environment. The best-read blogs in Ma

Top Five CIO Blogs Of April 2018

10-May-2018 | Jean Loh

The CIO Knowledge section of the Digitalist Magazine publishes blogs on a wide variety of topics with a broad range of perspectives. This is illustrated by the top five of April, which cover everythi

Top Five Finance Blogs Of April 2018

8-May-2018 | Jean Loh

Putting technology to work in specific areas of finance: that's what most interested readers of CFO Knowledge in April. How can artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the cloud improve proces

Top Five Finance Blogs Of March 2018

10-Apr-2018 | Jean Loh

Last month, our ongoing Dynamic Planning series explored the role that blockchain can play in financial planning and analysis – clearly a popular topic, as both Parts 1 and 2 made it into the top

Top Five CIO Blogs Of March 2018

5-Apr-2018 | Jean Loh

If you want to know where IT is going, look no further than this roundup of the best-read blogs in the CIO Knowledge section in March. Cloud is clear: three of out the five top blogs focused on cloud

Top Five CIO Blogs Of February 2018

8-Mar-2018 | Jean Loh

Practical applications of emerging technologies: That's what most interested our readers last month, as this roundup of the best-read blogs illustrates. Thanks to Hu Yoshida of Hitachi Data Systems 

Top Five Finance Blogs Of February 2018

6-Mar-2018 | Jean Loh

If technology topics topped our best-read list as 2018 kicked off, readers in February gravitated to business-oriented, strategic perspectives. The most popular blog, from executives at EY and SAP,

Top Five CIO Blogs Of January 2018

8-Feb-2018 | Jean Loh

As we start the new year, the hottest topic is machine learning. In January's number-one blog, experts from Deloitte advised that machine learning is only as good as the data, while another popular a